Born in Germany, emigrated with my parents, and raised in Sydney, Australia. A fairly remote suburb of Sydney offered little in the way of cultural stimulus, forcing me to find my creative potential. I spent my weekends reading, sewing, designing and drawing, making sculptures out of clay soil and walking along the beautiful beaches of Sydney’s northern shore.

After graduating from the University of Sydney I returned to Dusseldorf, and worked at a high-school teaching languages. This re-acquaintance with my roots was an exciting period in my life, as was my move to the new world — New York City. I enrolled at the traditional New York School of Design to train as an interior designer, followed by the more contemporary oriented Pratt Institute studying environmental design. On graduation, I worked as an interior designer. An inspirational period at that time was regular attendance at the Museum of Modern Art.

Marriage and children took me to Houston and Colorado, and a period of figurative painting, which I later developed in London and Provence, with a growing fascination for landscape painting. Exploring different media, experimenting with colour and scale, gave me new insights into painterly freedom.

The re-discovery of my Jewish ancestry was a major turning point in my life, and my painting. It allowed me to explore and identify with both the internal and the spiritual world in relation to the external world, which had underpinned earlier influences. As a constant traveller, I record photographically, draw and write, retrieving enormously from this visual diary and personal archive. My paintings are in private collections in Europe, the USA and Australia.